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Before and After Pictures from San Antonio
Attic Insulation, San Antonio TX!

Attic Insulation, San Antonio TX!

Before After
Attic Insulation, San Antonio TX! Attic Insulation, San Antonio TX!

Our Experts were able to help a local homeowner from San Antonio find solutions to an extremely hot attic. The traditional fiberglass insulation that was already existing just wasn't doing the job so the customer reached out to Per-Foam-Ance by Doctor Energy Saver for help. With the experience of our team new, high quality insulation was installed using air sealing techniques to stabilize the temperature allowing the homeowner more comfort and lower energy costs!

To accomplish this, our crew used methods that included: Cellulose Insulation; Spray Foam; Receased Lighting insulation, hatch insulation, duct insulation; insulation of the traditional attic assembly. After two days of hard work our homeowner was already noticing the results and very pleased with our work. 



Rotting Wood Replacement in San Antonio, TX

Rotting Wood Replacement in San Antonio, TX

Before After
Rotting Wood Replacement in San Antonio, TX Rotting Wood Replacement in San Antonio, TX

We were doing some work on this customer's home, and noticed that they had some rotting wood trim above their front door. This can happen when untreated wood is exposed to the elements and can lessen the appearance of your home. The mold can eventually spread to other parts of your home. We were able to get permission from the homeowner to help them with this problem - at no cost to them! These homeowners were very pleased with the service they received and the updated look to the entry to their house!

Sealing Can Lights in San Antonio, TX

Sealing Can Lights in San Antonio, TX

Before After
Sealing Can Lights in San Antonio, TX Sealing Can Lights in San Antonio, TX

Can lights are a source of tremendous air leakage between your attic and living space in your home. This air leakage causes air to be replaced or pulled in from another area of your home making your energy systems work harder and your utility bills higher.

Many contractors, especially in older homes often rush this step and try to seal the can lights but most of the time it is done improperly. We needed to remove the previous attempt at air sealing in order to properly seal these can lights, creating a conditioned space in the attic. 

In this particular home, each can light had to have a custom housing enclosure.  This is a major step in creating a conditioned space in your attic. This will lower your energy consumption and also make your family more comfortable!


San Antonio, TX's Pro Insulation & HVAC Company

"They did what in my attic"-Maggie Bradley ...
Happy Customers Surrounding San Antonio, TX
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Reviews From San Antonio
Testimonials From San Antonio
... We are very happy with your product. The workmanship that your crew performed was outstanding...
Testimonial by Orlando S. from San Antonio, TX
We are sending this letter to show our appreciation and satisfaction of your whole house energy retro fit October 2012.
Testimonial by Vern W. from San Antonio, TX
Goodbye ugly gutters, and hello open space!
Testimonial by Ricardo S. from San Antonio, TX

Experienced HVAC and home insulation contractor serving San Antonio, TX

Home comfort is important, especially during San Antonio's hot summers and chilly winter nights, so the quality and condition of your HVAC system should never be overlooked. Even more important, your indoor air quality is connected to the condition of your air ducts, so a lack of maintenance could lead to poor air quality and health problems for you and your family. Per-Foam-Ance Construction and Energy By Dr. Energy Saver Home Services is your professional HVAC company and home insulation expert serving San Antonio and nearby cities and towns in Texas. With 25 years of experience, highly trained and certified employees, and proven home insulation materials and methods, you can trust us for energy efficient home comfort solutions!

We specialize in complete weatherization and air sealing to eliminate air leakage and help you save money on your heating and cooling costs. We also provide attic insulation, crawl space insulation, roof insulation, wall insulation, garage insulation, and duct insulation, and we will advise you on the best methods and materials for your home's specific needs. As an authorized Dr. Energy Saver company, we have access to leading insulation solutions such as:

  • Spray foam insulation
  • Blown-in insulation
  • Rigid foam board insulation
  • Radiant barriers
  • Cellulose insulation
  • Blown fiberglass insulation
  • And more!

Whether you need home insulation services or commercial spray foam insulation for your business or new construction, we can help! Don't hesitate to give us a call to find out more.

Quality heating and air conditioning installation for your San Antonio home

If you need a heating system or air conditioning replacement, our HVAC technicians are available for general maintenance, HVAC repairs, and complete HVAC installation. We work with hot water heaters, furnaces, boilers, and home heating systems of every type. We also offer duct sealing, duct cleaning, and duct repair, as well as air quality and air conditioning services for the following AC systems:

  • Ductless air conditioning
  • Central air conditioning
  • Evaporative air conditioning
  • Portable air conditioning

Your home's interior should be a comfortable living environment, keeping you cool during the summer and warm during the winter, so don't put up with a faulty heating and cooling system! Here at Per-Foam-Ance Construction and Energy By Dr. Energy Saver Home Services, we will put your needs above all else and ensure that your home's interior temperature stays comfortable year-round – all while boosting your energy efficiency for lower utility bills!

Per-Foam-Ance Construction and Energy By Dr. Energy Saver Home Services is your best option for HVAC repair, HVAC installation, home insulation, air sealing, and more. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation cost estimate in San Antonio, TX or a nearby city or town!

Press Releases From San Antonio
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Job Stories From San Antonio, TX
Bad Insulation Job Fixed in San Antonio, TX

This is an unfortunate story of a customer that did not receive the results that she wanted. When we arrived at the home, the customer did not have any insulation at all. She did not have any specific type of insulation in mind, so we took it upon ourselves to show her samples explain to her each different insulation keeping in mind energy efficiency, effective results, home comfortability, safety and health. At the end of our presentation the customer decided she wanted to go with blown insulation fiberglass.

We completed the job for her. She had a 1000 Sq foot home. When we left her home she was pleased and felt the difference right away. Unfortunately about 2 1/2 weeks later the customer reported that she had rats in her attic. I explained to her that the blown insulation has no chemicals to prevent rats from going in her home like some of the other insulation that was presented and explained in depth. This customer chose the wrong product for the job, and unfortunately was dealing with the consequences. We referred her to an exterminator, and of course, welcomed her to have us back to correct the problem permanently.

Kathy B. - Chimney Demo, San Antonio TX

This customer was set on demolishing a chimney that was in her living room when we arrived. It was taking up too much space, and she needed her home to be wheelchair accessible for her husband who was in a wheelchair. In order to remove the chimney, we would have to add a wall that would stretch about 12 feet. She also had a special request of a tape and orange peel texture. She was also in a time crunch.

We were able to throw all hands on deck and completed the project before her deadline. She was ecstatic that we accomplished such beautiful results so quickly, and felt relieved that her home would be accessible for her husband!

Sergio C. - Wall and Siding Replacement San Antonio, TX

This customer wanted to replace an exterior wall due to complaints of ‘dipping’. The length was 38 ft. long and 15 ft high, and it was not level. In the middle of the wall, there was a dip of about 6 inches! The wall was curved, and it was experiencing issues from not be properly leveled or vented correctly.

In order to help this homeowner correct the wall issues, we had to do a complete demo of the siding and correct the venting issues as well. After the siding was removed, we then were able to reframe the existing wall in order to make sure it was level. As always, we like to leave things better than we found them, so we added siding that was cut into 8 1/4" by 12 feet long sheets to the whole outside wall that had been removed. After the installation of a new vent for attic, we had corrected this homeowner’s wall issues for good. At the end of the project, the customer decided that the new siding looked so good he wanted the rest of his home done the same! 

Ducts in the Attic - Part 1

Our crew was faced with a difficult challenge when they arrived at this customer's home. The customer was interested in attic insulation and was very vocal that they were already set on another company because of pricing as soon as we stepped into the door. We convinced them to let us give them a quote and compare it to the other companies quote that they had scheduled later on in the day. Once they agreed our team went to work!

We inspected their attic and immediately found a multitude of issues that were causing high energy bills, unhealthy environments, and an uncomfortable home. One of the most concerning issues was that their ducts in the attic were not sealed properly and they were wasting energy and more importantly the dust getting sucked into their home from the attic could be affecting their health. Our crew could also tell that the homeowner was trying to do what they could about their attic when they found an attic cover installed by the homeowner. However without the expertise of a Building Science Professional you are unlikely to achieve your goals alone. 

After our inspection we sat down with the homeowner and explained how their home was working as a whole and how it was not very energy efficient and could be effecting their health. We explained that both insulation and air-sealing was necessary for their home. They were experiencing issues from the stack effect and we knew how to fix it. After we explained our process, products, employee expertise and company mission they began to see why working with Dr. Energy saver was more beneficial. 

After we prepared a quote that included specials and discounts from that weeks promotion it was a no brainer for our customer. The homeowner ending up canceling the appointment with the other company, and started the job right away! They were so happy with their services that they hugged us as we left. Dr. Energy Saver provides services at a reasonable cost because we want to help you!


Work Requests From San Antonio, TX
Webbwood Way in San Antonio
Attic insulation
Chevy Chase Dr. in San Antonio
I would like an estimate for installing a geothermal heat pump at our home.
Stagwood Hill in San Antonio
My ac is blowing only hot air not sure what to do
Burton Ave in San Antonio
Would like a quote to blow out my window ac unit please..thank u
Big Trail Dr in San Antonio
Hot rooms and closets upstairs. In middle of re model, would like to upgrade insulation downstairs.
Champions Way in San Antonio
Wants to install attic solar fan (metal roof)....2 units
Mathis Rd in San Antonio
Fan outside is turning and blower is working but still no cooling..
Ac sealant
Yucca in San Antonio
I have a home 1063 sq ft. I need estimate for attic insulation.
DELAWARE ST in San Antonio
I'm in need of dehumidification in my crawlspace, and I'm also interested in the Home Energy Audit.
Middlebury in San Antonio
Outside heat vs air conditioner
Palpatine Hill in San Antonio
A.C. not cooling and hear humming noise outside at the unit. Compressor or condensor motor.
Northill Dr in San Antonio
Need est on blow in insulation
VANCE JACKSON in San Antonio
Problem with the a/c control (thermostat).... it shuts off by itself
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